Wedding Photography

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Yasmin & Arial

masoud & ava


Mishal & Vajahat

TaJ & Amanda

Muhammad & Eman

Khalid & Randa

Ashraf & Reema

Ali & Laila

Masoud & AvA


MaryAnn and Bengt

Abdul Aziz & Sundos

Nafez & JamilA


Komron & Zarina

Willy & Alsis

Naser & Hadil


Chotima & Mati

Masoud & Ava's Wedding

Muhammad & Eman

Event Photography

Elissa Concert

Najwa Karam Concert

Ragheb Alama Concert

Food Photography



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Ray's Photography

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At Ray’s Photography, we specialize in capturing the right photograph in order to capture lifetime memories. Our specially trained photographers ensure satisfaction in every event. We work with you and understand each customer’s needs; with this we make sure every magical moment is brought to life. We dedicate and strive to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our hard work. Our photography skills allow us to capture and embrace the moments for you. Each photograph is taken with an emotional setting and details of the surroundings.

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